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Wretched and Divine.


If you don’t have happy Andy on your blog, what’s wrong with you?

"This is falling for you and you are worlds away."

Come back…Be here-Taylor Swift.



remember when we found out Neville Longbottom
had bigger balls than anyone else in the HP series

remember how Dumbledore told us this in the very first book,
but no one believed him

“like a message in a bottle….”


This is the line that has gotten me through life.

"Si estuvieras en un cuerpo diferente, ¿Tendrías la misma personalidad?"

(via suspend)  (more-smiles-and-cry-less)


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"El mundo no esta hecho de átomos, el mundo esta hecho de historias."

Eduardo Galeano (via alma-en-tinta)



So artistically beautiful.

Yes. This.

No tengo mucho para contar. Soy una chica lo suficientemente normal como para encajar en el mundo. Vivo entre libros y música. No sé hacia donde voy, aunque tampoco dónde quiero ir. Y me basta con eso.

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